Viva Streets Eateries

With East 6th street as part of the Viva Streets Festival there are a lot of small eateries that cyclists flock to. Here is one example where Mark and family stopped to eat.

Cajun on the right and pasta on the left. Great little cozy place to grab a bite to eat.

– Live from Austin, Texas

Excited about Viva Streets trip to Austin

This is a short week for me at work as I am heading out to the state capitol, Austin, Texas. This is Austin’s first attempt at Viva Streets and I’m excited to be there. I went to San Antonio’s version earlier this year and had a great time there, so I’m anticipating the same in Austin.

For those that are not familiar with the event what they do is close down a section of downtown to cars and let people cycle, roller blade, walk, skateboard down the streets for the day with out the worry of cars. The idea is to encourage people to get out of the house and be active. It’s an open playground for all ages.

In San Antonio, their Viva Streets had food vendors, yoga, self-defense and dance classes, free bike lights and helmets for the kids and even a small parade. Tons of cyclists with all sorts of bikes to look at and people everywhere. I am interested as to how Austin will do their festival.

Besides the festival, Austin has many things to do there as well as the downtown city life that has a vibe all of its own. I still haven’t seen the bats come out at night, a must see from what I understand.

I’m hoping to do some impromptu blogging from over there but I haven’t figured out how to upload short videos to the site from my phone.

It’s time for lunch so happy cycling!