Lost: My Trusty Bike Pump


Topeak Morph G bike pump

Yesterday, while at the movies, I got sad when I realized that I lost my bike pump. Not any bike pump. but my favorite, trusty, Topeak Road Morph G bike pump. That pump has been with me for several years and it has gotten me and others out of countless flat tire blues. It was dirty and a little dinged up, but worked like a champ. After doing some moonlight madness cycling the other night, I think I left it on the bumper of my car and drove off. Such shabby treatment and I’m ashamed.

What makes it my favorite? Well, three things come to my mind. One, it has a built-in pressure gauge. No more guessing and tire pinching to see if I’m at the right pressure. Most people would say be glad to have anything to air it up and go. True, but if you had the option of airing up your flat tire to the proper air pressure wouldn’t you want to? I know I do. Who wants to ride around with tires at 10-20 psi too low? Any takers?

Two, it has a flexible hose. May not seem like a big deal, but I’ve had pumps without them and it’s a pain to air up the tire and not worry about breaking the stem. I can now put the valve stem at the 6 o’clock position, clamp the tube on and use both hands to pump. Such a great convenience. The hose also has the pressure gauge.

Lastly, the handle flips out to a T shaped end (ok more of an L shaped handle) that makes it easy to pump up the tire to 120 psi. Again, I’ve had others that did not have that little extra feature and it’s a bear to pump it up to a 100 psi let alone 120. Maybe I don’t have the grip strength, but with the Morph I don’t have to worry about it as I can add my weight to pump it. It works quite well!

Now I’ve tried other hand pumps and various compressed air gadgets over the years and I always go back to the Morph. They are either cumbersome or need Hulk hands to pump. With the with the CO2’s, you always run the risk of running out of cartridges while out cycling. Since I mostly ride solo and multiple flats has happened to me before, I prefer a pump. Although I do carry CO2 just in case I forget the pump.

The only weakness in the Morph is the bike mount. It comes with one, but it takes up the water bottle cage slot. I ride with two water bottles so that leaves no place for it. I wish there was a snap on/off mount that I could use to swap out a water bottle cage for a bike pump holder. That would be cool. Right now I carry it in my jersey pocket.

The Road Morph is like a smaller version of your floor pump, but this one is portable. It has never let me down, always there when I needed it. I don’t have to worry about running out of CO2 cartridges, Earth has plenty of air. Now that I have lost my trusty bike pump, I got no choice but to go to my local bike shop and get another one.I think I’ll do that today.

What’s your favorite pump or CO2 system? Drop a comment and let me know.