A Summer of Cycling 2014

Well summer is over and I’m going through the winter blues. We’ve had spat of rainy weeks and cold weather and that really knocked me off the bike and forced me to do other things around the house. Home automation was one project and the other was making videos out of my pictures.

With my lack of motivation, I turned to my iPhone and a neat little app called Replay. Replay lets you gather up your pictures and video clips and make a video out of in very quickly. All you have to do is select your pics and vids and put them in the order you would like to display them, select one of many themes, audio and let replay do all the heavy lifting  to sync the pics to the beat of the music and adjust the colors to the colors in your media. Within 5-minutes you can have a nice looking video that you can save, share  or post on Facebook.

Honestly, the hardest part was finding music that you can use on YouTube without them blocking it because of some Copyright infringement. I must of scoured the web for royalty free music that I could use. I found a few promising sites. A lot of them seems to be a collection of midi synthesized music that wasn’t very appealing. Anyways I found something I could use and loop over and over.

The video consists of pics from the Independence Day ride I did with some friends of mine out on the country roads North East of Edinburg. This is followed by various social club rides with Ciclistas Urbanos (CU). CU likes to ride to various coffee shops, restaurants, farmers markets, historical sites and nature parks. Also included is the El Charco cookout ride along with the visit to the 900 year old tree. Next is my trips to San Antonio and Austin with a friend of mine. We went there to pick up her new bike and ride the trails in that area. Finally is the Los Ebanos Ferry ride and excursion into Mexico! What a fun trip that was.

I hope you enjoy the video. It’s a little rough on some spots but I’m still learning the ins and outs of using the app.