2011 Spooks and Spokes Ghost ride

Last Saturday was the 2011 Spooks and Spokes Ghost Tour of Edinburg, Texas. The event, sponsored by the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce and the Ciclistas Urbanos cycling club, toured various places throughout the city of Edinburg that are believed to be haunted by disquieted spirits.

The ride started at 7 pm but I got there early to volunteer and socialize with other cyclists. By the time seven rolled around the parking lot was full of families, kids, bikes and various Halloweeners in full costumes. In all, the head count was some where in the neighborhood of 80 cyclists that were ready for the tour. Not bad for the first time the event was held.

Mark Pena of the Ciclistas Urbanos cycling club got up and spoke about the tour, the club, and the rules of the road. After that ride marshals were selected to help keep the riders together, fix flats and general safety of the ride.

The fun-filled ride took us to the Hillcrest Cemetery, Stephen F Austin elementary school, the old Citrus Theater in downtown Edinburg, Museum of South Texas History (which was an old jail in the old days complete with gallows), another old facility that was used as a small prison, the oldest funeral home in Edinburg that was established in the early years of the city. Even the university was included as several buildings there were said to be haunted.

Finally we ended up at Monster Carwash for some burgers and other eats. The ride went smoothly with only the occasional flat and minor tweaks on several bikes. One little boy ride his bike on trainers the entire 9 mile ride and was perfectly happy with the results. Beaming smiles and shudders of disbelief made the ride very pleasant not to mention the clear skies and very nice comfortable weather.

Enjoy the pictures!