Getting Back to Business in a Slow Year

It’s been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. I’ve been mostly off the bike ever since my Mom got sick and passed away. Afterwards, I thought I could get back on and start riding again but life got in the way once more. Prostate biopsies, a cardiac issue forced me off the bike again.  It was a period of Dr after Dr after Dr visits that I went through to get where I’m at now.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer was a real surprise for me but I always that of it as a nuisance issue that got in the way of my cycling. I was extremely lucky that it was caught in such an early stage. It was so early that it barely registered as cancer. Nevertheless, I still had to go through the procedures of biopsies and PSA tests on a regular basis (they call it  Active Surveillance). That meant many Dr visits for tests, test results, biopsies, biopsy results which leads to time off the bike. Nothing consistent. A week here then time off then another week or two before anther Dr visit. My last biopsy turned out to be negative for cancer so I’m happy!

A Cardiac Issue

During one of my regular scheduled doctor visit she noticed a murmur in my heart! Yikes! “What now?”, I thought to myself. Well here we go again, another doctor to see. I swear there is a doctor for every part of the body. So far I have the family doctor, urologist, Gastrologist and now a cardiologist. I’m not a happy camper at this point.

After several visits and my conversations with my nurse friend my cardiologist says I’m fine. The final test, the stress test, showed no issues with my heart or vascular system. What a relief that was!

Current Time

So here I am in late June with only 1,487 miles on the road and overweight. I’m on track to reach 3000 miles for the year, far short of the 5000 miles that I originally planned for. Currently, I’m in the middle of one of my training plans from TrainingPeaks and is going well. This will help me establish a rhythm and start cycling on a regular basis. Usually, I take off right after work around 5:30ish so that I can get used to the heat. By the time I get back to the car it has cooled off a little bit but I do get in a sweaty workout. During the week the ride times vary from 1 hr to 1.5 hours with my longer rides ramping up to 3 plus hours. For those, I’m starting to get up early so that I can get most of the ride in before noon time. Long rides still gives me the hardest time. It’s all physiological nothing more. That’s one hurdle I’ll have to work though as the year progresses.

I still ride alone and I find it the best way to actually get in proper training on the bike rather than group rides. I tried a group ride last weekend. My training for the day was a 3:15 Endurance pace ride so I said, “What the hell, let me try the group ride.” While it was a fun ride it had no training value for me. Way too much stop and go and slower pace. I even tried to go to a big gear so that I can get the prescribed intensity level and while it worked for a bit, I always ended up backing off because I was over taking the group. When ever I could I would fall back so that I can ride alone and not get a draft. Way too much trouble. I’ll leave the group rides when I just want to have a fun day that way I’ll enjoy the ride better.

Eating is still a big problem for me and I need to focus on lowering my food intake, especially in the evenings. That’s when I tend to over eat. What can I say, I love food! Hopefully things will start falling into place after several training plans to jump-start myself into a better me.

So yes, it has a been a slow year for me but I see things turning around the second half of the year. I just need to get back into a rhythm of cycling, planks and eating better which will result in losing weight. My clothes will fit better and I will feel better about myself. That is certainly worth looking forward to.

My next post should be about the Wahoo Elemnt (yes, it is spelled that way) bike computer. See you then!