20131109-144516.jpgWhy am I writing about pantalones? For those that are not fluent in Spanish, pantalones means pants. Why pants? Well it is an important topic if you are trying to lose some weight. Earlier this week I went shopping for some new pants that I really needed. I’m a typical guy that wears the clothes till they fall apart. Mine also happened to be real baggy too, so I figured it was time.

Off to the store I go, but not the mall. I dislike going to the mall because of the sheer number of people there. Instead I drove over to one of the many outdoor malls that dot the Valley. I knew that I had dropped one pant size so that’s where I started to look. I found a few that I liked and tried them on. I tried on several brands and sizes. Whoa! One of the smaller ones fit! Now I’m not talking the about the skinny pants syndrome either. These actually fit! Supreme!

Final results of my shopping, down two pant sizes and two inches shorter on the length. How did I get shorter pants in this I don’t know, because I’m still the same height. Go figure. This is the result of lots of cycling and doing a lot better job in controlling my eating. Weight loss is hard to do and this is a real great motivator. It is a reward for the hard work and sacrifice that I’ve made this year. A shout out to my cycling buddies for the help they provide by making cycling so enjoyable. I still have a lot of work to do and I don’t want to get complacent, especially during this holiday season. Some day I hope to crack into the 30’s in waist size. I can dream, right? That would be a dream come true and I hope that will open other doors for me, like running. Until then, viva la Pantalones!