This week was a bust

This has been a slow idle week for me. Friday after my ride I wanted to try out my new bike repair stand from Feedback Sports. I had wanted to clean the chain and gear, so I was all excited. After mounting the bike I performed a cursory inspection for the bike. Wouldn’t you know, the rear wheel is out of true again. I was not a happy camper. It was only three weeks ago that I had taken the bike in to the shop to get it trued and now I’m back where I started before. I packed the bike and the stand up. While I was at the bike store they said that my bike wont be ready until Tuesday or Wednesday. No joy.

Saturday was my Linux club meeting at 11 am but I wanted to get the bike into the store ASAP and hopefully they can get it fixed the same day. I hustle over to Bicycle World in Mcallen, to drop it off, and zip on back to Mission for the meeting. Since this was the last meeting for the Linux club for the season I got treated to a free pizza at Pizza Hut. Yum yum!

Well, I got my bike back on Wednesday as they promised. Turned out to be a loose spoke. They also fixed the front brakes too at no charge, so I’m happy with that. I spent the evening cleaning the chain and checking out the repair stand. I do need to replace the stock pedals with some dual platform pedals that I’ve had from my previous bike. While I’m at it, I should learn to true a wheel and do the work myself. I just need a wheel to practice on.

Todays ride was awesome! I had tons of energy to burn. I find it amazing how easily your average speed drops and just how difficult it is to bring it up. Oh well, I got my bike back and I’m back riding. Ride on!

Monthly total for March 2011

Well, March is behind us and April is now in effect. I was planning on switching bike computers in April to test out MapMyRide since they put out a new update that adds the wheel size to calibrate the distance. But, after one ride with it the app is still not ride worthy. Still has a lot of problems in data reporting when uploaded to their website. So, I’ll stick with LiveCycling App since that one seems to be rock solid. I’ll write-up a review later this weekend. So, here are the stats for all of March.

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I have noticed that my cadence is lower now. I am comfortable at 80 rpm but lately I have been going to a bigger gear but spinning at 70 rpm. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I believe that is leg strengthening but I am not sure. I’ll see if I can pick up the pace this month.

Weekly Stats for week ending March 27th, 2011

This is the last full week for the month of March and I’ll post the monthly totals in a few days. This weeks totals were boosted by the Share the Road cycling event that went through McAllen, after work on Tuesday. It was a 20 mile ride at a nice slow pace so that everyone could keep up as it was really blowing that day. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the wind affect me all that much. My ride ended up being 26 miles as I had to ride to and from the starting point. Sundays ride was also a good one. Finally, less wind and more heat! Really got to sweat and get drenched. Passing those sprinklers, watering the lawns, was a cooling experience even though I never got wet.

Well, here are the weekly totals:

Harlingen Area

Harlingen and it's surrounding areas provide plenty of rural roads to go out and explore.
Almost a Century Ride91 milesEndurance ride with a stop at the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park at mile 38.

Ride Starts and stops at the Super 8 Motel parking lot at the corner of US 83 and FM 509.