Stick to the Plan

We all have good intended plans to do this or that. Mine so happens to be to lose the weight. I really need to do this for medical reasons as I mentioned in my other post (2015 New years Resolution Follow Up). We all struggle to stick with it and sometimes it’s easy for me and other times it’s not. The month of June has been hard for me. Doctor or family visits have taken my off my rhythm but the one thing that I have noticed is that I have developed a battle cry or mantra, “Stick to the Plan!”.

June has been several Dr Visits to the urologist and that means getting off the bike prior to and after the visits. Add wet weather and family dropping in for visits and you get a recipe for disaster. It’s during these time that I tend to eat more than I should and of the wrong things too. I know I gained two to three pounds and that is the direction I do not want to be going. Losing, not gaining weight is my goal. That’s why keeping a rhythm is very important. When you in it, everything is clicking and falling into place. Even a stutter won’t affect you because you get back into step and keep going. It’s when you have to stop for one or two weeks that everything falls apart. You lose that momentum you had going and can be very difficult to get going again especially when you have to stop again within the same month.

I see others struggling with their weight loss and the bad habits they have formed (and cling to). They refuse to give up their old ways (type and quantity of food they consume) and go out to discover new healthier foods to eat. I have to tell myself that I can’t help everyone. I need to focus on myself first so that I can be there for them later in the long run. All I can say is if you don’t have a plan, get one and stick with it. At the very least, start with drastically reducing SALT and SUGAR from your diet. Toss that Salt shaker and those artificial sugar packets out of the house.

For me, words of encouragement or recognition that I have lost weight is a tremendous boost. That in turn fuels my motivation to help myself and others. If I discovered that the kingdom of Old Ways have invaded with their armies of bad eating, overeating and laziness, I rally my troops with the battle cry, “Stick to the Plan!”. I may lose some battles and win many others but that’s how war goes. Carry on!

2015 New Years Resolution Follow Up

Earlier this year I set out two goals for 2015, lose weight and do long rides. Many people have these resolutions and are really sincere in achieving them, but as time slips on by, circumstances changes and eventually those resolutions are a distant memory. For some there is a brief resurgence with an iron will and by golly I’m gonna get it done! As with anything that iron will turn to putty and the whole idea is shelved for next year. Well it has been five months and it’s time for an update. Did I turn to putty like everyone else?

I am happy to say that I still got the iron will and fortitude. So far I’ve lost a little over twenty pounds since February 1st and have gone down three pant sizes! I did have to get some new cloths and a belt! I ran out of holes on my old belt. That’s always a good sign.

It hasn’t been easy but with a lot of cycling (three plus hour rides on the weekends and about seven hours during the week) I’ve managed to put some miles in on my bike. I’m not complaining. I’ve also made additional changes to my diet to reduce the carb intake. Egg omelets for breakfast now with the occasional multi-grain low sugar cereal. I eat the cereal on days that I’ll be riding in the morning. No pasta, very little starches, no subways or subway size breads. I eat a lot more fruit such as bananas, pears, and apples. More nuts of the mixed variety. A lot more fish (salmon) is consumed especially at home.

I definitely stay away from the tortilla’s, cakes, pies, sodas, sweet bread, chocolates and pop tarts. I really don’t miss them or crave them. It did take a while to get past the soda’s. Mind you I was not drinking much to begin with but sugar is a strong addictive substance.

It hasn’t been all fun and games though. During a routine check-up the Dr scheduled me for a colon screening procedure, liver scan and prostate biopsy. The colon screen was negative but I’ll have to redo it in five years due to family history.

I’ve found out that the fat around my liver caused damage to the liver. Stage two liver disease I believe the Dr called it. The good news is that any further damage can be prevented with medication that helps reduce the visceral fat on the liver and probably other organs.

The biopsy on my prostate was all negative except for one sample that was in a quasi state between normal and cancerous. It may have been that way for sometime or it just changed. I’ll have to go back for another evaluation in June. I’m optimistic that it’s benign but I dunno.

Both Dr’s said the same thing, lose the weight, lose the body fat and build muscle. The losing weight has been tremendous and I continue to with the weight loss. I now incorporate more core building such as full planks, push ups, light weights w/increased reps and I can really feel the difference when I’m out cycling.

I’m still known, in the cycling culture, as a clydesdale (cyclist over 200 lbs) but I’m getting close to dropping from that list. I feel fitter and I’m faster on the bike, but I know I still have a long way to go. I can’t slack off now. I have a strong motivation to keep at it, my health (liver) depends on it. I’m a little anxious about my urologist visit in June and what he will find out about my prostate. I’m optimistic that it will be okay but if not, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

So, here is a message to all of those that have New Years Resolution’s to lose the weight. You CAN do it! Don’t do it for your family or anyone else, but rather do it for yourself. You do it for yourself so that you can be there for your family or that someone special in your life. Be frank and honest about how you live and eat. The stuff that you love to eat and drink is probably what got you where you are at. Learn to love new healthier foods. There is plenty to choose from. You will have to make sacrifices on the short-term, but you will be rewarded on down the road of life.

As always, I like to hear from your success stories or even failures. Drop me a comment.