In memory of Dale T, a fellow Dailymiler

The last week has been busy and stressful too. A fellow Dailymile friend was hit and died in a car-bike collision. From what I understand, Dale was out cycling in the morning and was hit from behind and died at the scene. When I saw a post, from a friend of mine on Facebook, I was shocked and heart-broken to read about it.


Dale T on Dailymile

What can I say about Dale? He loved to cycle. It didn’t matter if it was a two-hour session on the trainer or out on the road heading to the Lighthouse. He rode every day and was putting in 300-450 miles per week. How he did that, plus the long hours at his job, keep up the family life and taking the time to post a “High-Five” showing support for your efforts or give advice is beyond me. I swear, at times I felt as if he was sitting reading my post as I typed it and before I could hit the “Share” button his comments were on my way to me. lolĀ  He was a friend to all that knew him and he will be missed by many. He is most definitely someone to emulate, a role model for everyone to strive to be. Dale’s last post to me was on Monday afternoon. He took the time to comment on my shakedown ride of my new bike.

Dale T. Congrats: Glad you enjoyed the maiden voyage Ray! Great job bro! Congrats n the new bike!

It was a pleasure to know you Dale! I hope you are Zapping that Zero up there.