Ocean Dr

This weekend I decided to change things up a little and head on out to Corpus Christi and ride Ocean Dr that runs parallel to the bay. The last time I was here, I drove up and down the road that thought it would be nice to ride here. Checking various on-line mapping sites such as MapMyRide or Garmin Connect I find that indeed it is a popular riding area.

On Friday I cut out early and head home to do emergency packing (plastic bag suitcase) and toss my bike in the back of the car. Double check all my gear and head on out. By 7:30 I’m in Corpus looking for a hotel. Several stops later I settle in at Best Western. I grab some chow and head on out to the movies to see Insidious. Classic scary movie that was pretty good. I won’t spoil anything, just go see the movie yourself.

I get back to the hotel to get to bed early only to find out that my CPAP machine crapped out, again! Grrr. I’m not a happy camper. I was so tired that I just made do without it.

After a toss and turning night I get up, take a shower and head on out to check out. Oh, I forgot to mention that while checking in I ran into a cast member of Survivor. I didn’t recognize him but the night clerk did. Lol My 1 minute brush with fame.

I arrive at Ocean Dr from Airline Rd and drive towards the marina. A short distance up the road I see police cars and flashing lights. I’m wondering what is going on. As I slow down and pass by I see what appears to be some sort of organized running event. There were a lot of people out there finishing up their run. That would explain why the Hotels were booked up.

Ocean Dr runs parallel to the bay shoreline, so every few miles there are small parks with parking lots to provide access to the beach along the bay. I chose the next one after the end of the running event. It’s about two-thirds between the start of Ocean Dr and Airline Rd. This seemed like a good place to park and start my ride. One thing that I noticed while driving is that these parks are very well utilized in the mornings. I saw a couple of different exercise groups that meet out there to do their morning exercises which is cool. Well, off I go down the road towards the Marina with the wind on my back.

It is a quick trip to the marina and I pull in to sight see. I saw this “Pirate” ship that they are raising funds to restore. Looks small. I always thought they were bigger. It was a windy and muggy day, but I managed to snap some pictures of the boats before I continued my ride. I kept on riding to the very beginning of Ocean Dr until I reached the American Bank Center which is an event center similar to State Farm Arena. I didn’t know that until now. At least now I can look for events at that place the next time I go.

Anyways, I turn around and make my trek to towards Airline Rd. What a major OMG that was! The wind was a relentless howling mass of wind and on top of that, I had some hills to climb! Hills? What are those? We don’t have them here in the Valley. It wasn’t too bad, but my legs were burning as I reached the top. One thing to note, a two-story Whataburger with an upper deck. Priorities! I push on and I notice that there wasn’t much in the way of road debris. The bike lanes are pretty much free of any rocks, gravel, and other tire puncturing objects that is common here. One thing I did notice was a few thorny twigs from the evergreen hedges that line the walkways to people’s homes. One roll over these promises a flat tire as a reward. Luckily, I kept an eye out for the few that were there and avoided them.

I did see a group of cyclist riding the other direction with the wind. They didn’t seem to be going very fast, so I was hoping to catch up to them when I reach the end and turn around. Going back with the wind was a zippy ride. I never did catch up to the cyclist I saw earlier but that was okay. The bike lane was somewhat rough and coarse going back so I took a lane as there were very few cars. That turned out to be a good thing as it was silky smooth and I was able to pick up the pace even more. It’s not long until I make it back to my car and end the twelve-mile ride. I’m drenched in sweat and high humidity and work my way to that Whataburger to change, clean up and relax a little.

If you have a chance, get out to Corpus Christi from where ever you are at. It’s a clean, fun place to be at.

This week was a bust

This has been a slow idle week for me. Friday after my ride I wanted to try out my new bike repair stand from Feedback Sports. I had wanted to clean the chain and gear, so I was all excited. After mounting the bike I performed a cursory inspection for the bike. Wouldn’t you know, the rear wheel is out of true again. I was not a happy camper. It was only three weeks ago that I had taken the bike in to the shop to get it trued and now I’m back where I started before. I packed the bike and the stand up. While I was at the bike store they said that my bike wont be ready until Tuesday or Wednesday. No joy.

Saturday was my Linux club meeting at 11 am but I wanted to get the bike into the store ASAP and hopefully they can get it fixed the same day. I hustle over to Bicycle World in Mcallen, to drop it off, and zip on back to Mission for the meeting. Since this was the last meeting for the Linux club for the season I got treated to a free pizza at Pizza Hut. Yum yum!

Well, I got my bike back on Wednesday as they promised. Turned out to be a loose spoke. They also fixed the front brakes too at no charge, so I’m happy with that. I spent the evening cleaning the chain and checking out the repair stand. I do need to replace the stock pedals with some dual platform pedals that I’ve had from my previous bike. While I’m at it, I should learn to true a wheel and do the work myself. I just need a wheel to practice on.

Todays ride was awesome! I had tons of energy to burn. I find it amazing how easily your average speed drops and just how difficult it is to bring it up. Oh well, I got my bike back and I’m back riding. Ride on!

Monthly total for March 2011

Well, March is behind us and April is now in effect. I was planning on switching bike computers in April to test out MapMyRide since they put out a new update that adds the wheel size to calibrate the distance. But, after one ride with it the app is still not ride worthy. Still has a lot of problems in data reporting when uploaded to their website. So, I’ll stick with LiveCycling App since that one seems to be rock solid. I’ll write-up a review later this weekend. So, here are the stats for all of March.

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I have noticed that my cadence is lower now. I am comfortable at 80 rpm but lately I have been going to a bigger gear but spinning at 70 rpm. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I believe that is leg strengthening but I am not sure. I’ll see if I can pick up the pace this month.