Winter Holidays and Over Indulgence

shoe_coversWinter is upon us and so are the holidays. Since Halloween, the weeks have flown by and now Thanksgiving is knocking at the door. Like everyone else, family comes into town along with cold weather. Food is the comfort for all, including me. This year I don’t want to succumb to the wintry days and the over indulgence on food.

This time around I want to continue my cycling as I chase my 4000 miles for the year.To some, 4000 miles is nothing and to others it’s a huge hill to climb. It’s all relevant to the person putting in the effort. I’m not far away from my goal. As of this posting, I’m less than 300 miles. Old man winter has shown up and has slowed the march to 4k.

This time around I feel that I’m better prepared. I just had two outing’s at 45 F temps that were successful in keeping me warm or at least warm enough. I pulled out my leg warmers and made adjustments in keeping them in place while I cycle. Those critters used to slowly slid down my legs until they were no longer useful. It felt like a slow strip, exposing my legs to the elements. This year I resolved that by the miracle of safety pins! Those amazing little devices that I can now pin to my bib to keep the warmers in place. What  huge difference it makes!

My other addition is a long sleeve thermal jersey from Specialized. Combine that with a short-sleeved base layer and a lite wind jacket, if needed, and I stay nice and toasty warm. I experimented with some gloves that I’ve had and found the ones that keep my mittens warm if not a little sweaty.

I feet did okay, but my toes were hurting a little so I figured some sort of wind breaker for them would suffice. Found some shoe slips that I thought would do the trick, but found out that they don’t fit my mountain bike shoes. Although they don’t fit the shoes, they do fit perfectly over the socks that I wear. Went out for a ride in 46 F temps and it worked reasonably well. My toes were not complaining all that much. Still, something better would be nice. maybe some thicker socks or a combination of both. More experiments are in order.

With winter cycling gear in place my other problem during the holidays is over eating. I’m sure many can relate to this. It is the time of the year where family and friends pop-in and their main goal is to eat the holiday indulgence of tamales, pies, cakes and back to more tamales. For those that don’t know what a tamale is then follow the link and read up. Needless to say they are tasty but really not good for you in any shape or fashion. Especially when you are trying to lose weight. Not to say I won’t have three or four, but even with that I’m not happy on both fronts. I want more, but yet I don’t and shouldn’t.Curse you, you tasty treat!

This holiday season I hope will be different. I hope to continue doing long rides with or without friends, not letting the cold weather curb the cycling. I also hope that I can get through this season with out over indulging on the bad stuff that are way too tempting. Buckle up as this is going to get bumpy and don’t forget to wish me luck as I wish everyone else a happy and safe holiday season.

What are your plans to keep the momentum going through the holidays? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.