2012: My Gear Roundup

It’s a brand new year and a few of my cycling gear has changed, so here is my 2012 cycling gear guide. These are the cycling products that I use on a day-to-day basis. The majority of it is still the same as last year, but there are some changes as well as new extra equipment. As usual, I do not get paid in any fashion for my opinion of these items. They are just cycling related equipment that I find useful that I want to share with others.

2012 Gear Roundup
 Specialized Sirrus Elite Specialized Sirrus Elite Specialized  This has been a good all round bike. Had some issues with cassette becoming loose but that has been resolved. Also, have this one spoke that constantly becomes loose but that is just a truing issue.
 Shiman PD-M520 pedals Shimano PD-M520 Pedals  Great dual sided SPD pedals for use with my mountain bike shoes.
 Specialized Tahoe MTN Bike Shoes Specialized Tahoe Mountain Bike shoes  Specialized  Excellent shoes for clipping in and out while still being able to walk normally
 Louis Garneau Exo-Nerv Helmet Louis Garneau Exo-Nerv Helmet  Louis Garneau  My new helmet, lite weight, comfortable, forget that it’s on and keeps my head cool
 Wahoo ANT+ Sensor Wahoo Fiscia Sensor  Wahoo Fitness  Needed if you want to use a ANT+ compatible bike speed and cadence and heart rate sensor
 Wahoo Speed and Candence Wahoo Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor  Wahoo Fitness  ANT+ compatible bike speed and cadence sensor. Works great with no issues.
 Garmin Hear rate monitor  Garmin Heartrate sensor  Garmin  ANT+ Compatible heart rate monitor.
 Topeak Road Morph pump  Topeak Morph Road G Pump  Topeak  I like this pump because it has a hose with a gauge. It’s basically a mini stand pump. Only had to use it once. Good enough to get you to 60 psi which is good enough to get you home.
 Canari Vortex Shorts  Canari Vortex Cycling Shorts  Canari  I find these at the local Academy Sports stores. Comfortable fit and pad is not bulky.
 Pearl Izumi Leg Warmers  Pearl Izumi Leg Warmers  Pearl Izumi  The leg warmers keep my legs toasty on those chilly mornings. They do tend to slide off, so I have to pin them to my cycling shorts, no big deal.
 BCG Sports  BCG Sport Shirts  My shirts the BCG sport shirts from that I find at Academy Sports. They are comfortable, bright colored, moisture wicking with some reflective material on it. Sometimes I wear a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve version when it’s a little cooler here.
 Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket  Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket  Pearl Izumi  I use the Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket for the days that its cooler outside. Comfortable fit with sleeves you can zipper off and use it as a vest.
 Topeak MTX BeamRack EX  Topeak MTX BeamRack EX  Topeak  New addition is the Topeak MTX BeamRack EX. Excellent beam rack with bag. I love the clamp on feature. Easy to mount on bike and take it off when no longer needed, no tools needed.
 Camelback Aurora  Camelbak Aurora  Camelbak  Yes, this is a woman’s version, but water is water and it carries a lot of stuff!
 Radbot 1000  Portland Design Works Radbot 1000 taillight  Portland Design Works  Portland Design Works Radbot 1000. Super bright and going strong. I like the clip on ability. I can take unclip it from the mount and clip it on the BeamRack when I use that or clip it to my belt when I go walking at night.
 MagicShine MJ-816E  MajicShine MJ-816E Headlight  MagicShine  New addition. MagicShine MJ-816E. Super bright light that out shines everything I’ve seen. Replaces the Cygo MityMax 350
 dailymile website  dailymile  dailymile  This is where I hangout and post ride info. Great social site geared towards exercise.
 SlipGrip 1.5"  SlipGrip iPhone mount  SlipGrip  This is pretty good iPhone mount that accommodates the Otterbox cases
 Cyclemeter iPhone App  CycleMeter iPhone App  CycleMeter  Overall best bike computer app for the iPhone. Flexible display screen, supports many online fitness sites, live tracking, reliable, GPS only mode or with ANT+ Sensors.


Well, this pretty much covers everything that I use except for gloves. Go find a nice pair of gloves in both full fingered (for winter riding) and half finger. If you happen to take a spill while riding, they will help prevent your palms from being all scrapped up.

That’s it for my 2012 cycling gear round-up.

Planned Posts

I have a list of topics that I want to write about, but they are just floating around in my head. What I need to do is jot them down on paper, but for some reason, I never seem to have time to do it. Well, I’m skipping the paper and posting it on here instead.  These are tropics that I would like to blog about in the coming weeks. Doing this will help me make stay organized and ensure that I cover all the initial topics. It will also be of benefit to the readers as they will know what to expect in the near future. Well, here is the list in no particular order:

  • Bike Mounts for iPhone
  • iMapMyRide app
  • REK app
  • Live Rider bike computer for iPhone
  • Cygolite Mity Cross 350 light system
  • Mirrors
  • Garmin Connect website
  • MapMyRide website

I think those are  the majority of topics that I plan to cover including my riding and anything else that comes up of interest to me. So, lets clip in and go for a ride.