Violent Experience

Wednesday started as any other day of the work week. I get up, take a shower and head on out the door on my way to work. The drive, in my silver Honda Fit, to the University of Texas – Pan American (UTPA) takes about 20-25 minutes in the morning, longer going back home. I take my usual route Hwy 107 from mission all the way to the 7 mile line then eastward to Edinburg.

The drive is usually uneventful with the occasional tailgater or rabbit driver hopping from one lane to the next in a hurry to wait. This time it was different. A car at Glosscock pulls out in front of me trying to cross Hwy 107 from my right to the left. No time to honk, just brake and swerve to the left to avoid broadsiding the other car. BAM!! Violence follows for the next few seconds as arms flail, body jerks, debris fly around, and time slows. Just as quickly as it happened, it stops. All the flying debris drops and settles and time resumes its normal speed.

I look around to see the other car and the driver and she seems ok. I notice smoke from the inside of my car and KURV 710 Talk Radio going on. Sergio had no idea what happened just now, so I shut him up. More smoke I see and I realize the that engine is still running, so I turn that off as well. I unbuckle my seat belt and did a quick cursory inspection of myself and found no obvious injury, so I get out to check on the other driver. She is sitting in the car shaken up and crying. I ask if she is ok and she nods yes. After making sure that she calls someone to come and get her, I call 911 to report the accident.

911 Emergency response dispatched a DPS trooper to investigate the accident and I had my brother come and get me as my car was not driveable. While waiting for both to show up I called work and left wa message that I was not going to make it in today. Digging around the debris I found my insurance card and a lost episode of a Seinfeld DVD. This is my first claim to Geico so lets see how this turns out.

Long story short, even though DPS cited the other driver as being at fault, she is claiming that I was at fault because of the way the cars came to a stop. She is claiming that she was on 107 and that I was crossing on Glasscock! Unbelievable! Now goes the battle between agents as we both have the same insurance company.

I spent the rest of the day on the phone with Geico, going to Frank Smith Collision Center and to the Dr office for an examination.

This experience is something I don’t care to repeat again and I be content watching violent collisions on TV or at the movies with professional stunt people.