First Flat

Well, today I was all set to go out for my daily neighborhood ride. As I was going out of my room, with my bike, I heard and felt the bike behave abnormally. Initially, I thought that there was something stuck on the tire but I didn’t see anything. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was flat. Wahoo!!

What? I’m excited? Yes, because this gives me an ideal opportunity to see how hard it is to change the tire on this bike. I gathered up my tools and went outside to work on this. It was a little hot so I took a fan as well. Flipping the bike over and setting it down, I started taking the rear wheel off. Not bad, fairly easy. I took the liberty to inspect the cassette and noticed that It was a little dirty, so I’ll take care of cleaning it over the weekend.

I sat down and got out the tire levers and proceeded to remove the tire. Wow! Was that ever easy. I really needed only one tire level to remove the tire. I’m so used to needing excessive force to get it off and on. Maybe because it was a 700×32 tire and not the skinnier ones from my previous road bike. Whatever the reason, I like the end result. I got the tube out, patched and back on without much fuss.

What caused the flat? Looks like a small splint that just missed the liner. The hole matches where I found the splint on the tire, but I carefully ran my fingers along the inside of the tire to be sure. Nothing else was found, so I’m pretty sure that was the culprit.

After this exercise, I feel a lot more comfortable in changing a flat on this bike and I know exactly the amount of tools needed to do it with.

Because of the flat, I didn’t get to go out for my ride. Now I have to ride for five days straight to achieve my goal of five hours on the saddle. That will be a challenge, but I’m up to it.

Saturday’s Ride

Today, I went out for a ride at the Hike and Bike Trail that is located south of Mission. Before packing my bike in my car, I noticed that the rear tire was out of true. It didn’t look that bad and after testing the brakes I decided it was good enough to ride. The ride itself was brutal. Seventeen miles of wind, wind, and more wind. According to Weatherbug, we had  wind speeds of 18 mph with gusts up to 22 mph. This is normally a ten mile ride but I did some loops on the Military road section and then took an alternate route back to the parking lot. I was drained of energy after the ride. I guess Raisin Bran for breakfast was just not good enough.

Anyways, immediately after the ride, I went to McAllisters to eat lunch and rest. Submarine sandwich with Mac and Cheese. Yum!

Afterwards I headed over to Bicycle World to drop off the bike. I needed to get the rear wheel trued and the brakes adjusted. It was already 2 pm and I’m thinking it would be Monday before I get it back. Oh well. I went off to WalMart to get some supplies and then headed over to Barnes and Nobles to catch up on my Linux reading.

At 5 pm I get a call that my bike was ready! Wahoo! Now that’s what I call a fast turn around. While at the shop I poke around to see what I can find interesting. Found a new CO2 tire inflater that I need. Tried on some gloves that I know I will need soon. XL seem to be the size that I need to get. I’ll get them later. I saw some ANT+ compatible speed and cadence sensors that I’ve never seen before. I’ll have to look them up and do some research.

Check out there rest room. This is what I call a cyclist experience.