Approaching 1000 miles on my new bike

Just a quick note that I’m approaching 1000 miles on my new bike, a 2015 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Di. Aside from flats it has been a good ride. I’ll be finishing up a posting with updated information once I hit 1k miles this weekend, if all goes well. knowing me it’ll probably take another two weeks to do the actual write up.

Bike Upgrades

2015 Rouabix SL4 Comp Ultegra Di2Recently I’ve made some changes to my bike. My trusty 2013 Roubaix Apex Comp has been replaced with an updated version. I am now a proud owner of a 2015 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Ultegra Di2. I saw this bike being displayed at my favorite local bike shop (LBS), Bicycle World RGV in McAllen and immediately loved the paint job. Finally Specialized splashes color on their bikes. I am tired of the all white, all black, or shades of grey. To me those are lazy, unimaginative paint jobs. This bike also had electronic shifting too! I knew I had to get it for my Freddyness (is that a real word?) in me. Before I could, I would need to sell my existing bike.

My bike had 9200 solid miles on it plus my first century ride (see Wildflower Centurion), so it has a special place in my heart. It’s all stock except for the Richie handle bar, Crank Brothers Candy pedals and the Specialized FACT carbon CG-R seat-post. The bike is in excellent shape so I knew I could sell it. So happens that I ran into a friend of mine at the LBS and over heard him talking about wanting a new bike, a Roubaix! Long story short, he bought my bike and I got the new one. I had the LBS swap out the pedals, handlebar, handlebar stem, bottle cages and nick knacks. They also transferred the measurements of the old bike to the new one so it should be the same fit.

I had ordered some new speed and cadence sensors from Wahoo (Wahoo Blue SC)and I installed them when it arrived. Yesterday was my first ride, the shake down ride. Get all the glitches fixed and verify the bike fit. I had to tweak the spoke magnet a little to get steady reliable speed results. Since the Blue SC is dual band I used bluetooth to connect to my Magellan 505 and ANT+ to connect to my iBike Newton power meter. The speed matched up correctly between the two units but the cadence was about two beats slower on the Magellan. Close enough for me.

How does the bike ride compared to the old bike? Night and day difference! I felt that the new bike was a lot smoother ride especially over chip seal surface even with the 700×23 tires (Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II). I don’t know if it’s the difference in tires, rims or both, but the new bike was also faster and more nimble. Shifting is a dream! Gone is the long or short throw to shift. I just click click click like using a mouse. Sweet! Loving it!

Now to get back to training and keep on losing that weight!

Palo Alto Battlefield Trail

This Memorial Day I spent the morning in the city of Brownsville. I knew of a trail that runs from the Gladys Porter Zoo up to the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic park and I’ve been looking for some time to take my bike and go cycling it. This holiday was a great opportunity to hit both parks with a bike ride in between. Early Monday morning, I loaded up the bike and took off on my hour drive to the other side of the Rio Grande Valley.


I got to the zoo early and found good parking in the gated area. With my bike locked up on the bike carrier, I took off to explore the zoo. The day was overcast so that helped keep the temperatures down a bit. I spent the morning walking around the zoo snapping photos and admiring the animals that they took care of. One thing that struck me is how they used the water from a stream to provide both a moat (for containment) and drinking water for the animals. Clearly, water played a big role at this zoo and they do a great job of managing it.

My favorite animal? It’s hard to say as I liked all of them. If I had to name one, I think I’d go with the Southern Greater Kudo. They exhibited a lot of curiosity and seemed genuinely interested in you. The other animals seemed indifferent to our presence.

By mid-day most of the animals (especially the primates) were in the snoozing in the shade stage and I felt it was time to ride the trails. I’d save the rest of the zoo for another trip.


The majority of the trail is an abandon rail road line that has been converted to a usable trail. It will take you on an eight-mile one-way trip to the national Park without having to ride on the street. What a pleasure that is! No cars to worry about, taking a lane or yelling out “Car back!”. At every major intersection there is a street crossing button to press to get the lights to change. The majority of the lights change quickly except for one busy intersection where you have to wait, but it will change.

RestStopThe path is dotted with rest stops. Some have water and other don’t. I left my water bottle in the car where it does the most good. One of the rest stops is a bus terminal. It was there that I found a vending machine to fork out a bottle of water for $1.25. The trail flows right through a warehouse district where they used to use the train to load and unload goods. Further on out the trail runs through neighborhoods and crosses several water ways. I wish Mission had a river winding through it.

Going out even further you hit the outskirts of Brownsville and you start to get into a more rural country feel. You will still find rest stops out this far which is great to pull over for a breather. Some of the stops seemed to be victims of vandals. Tagging and physical destruction is typical but you can see that trail maintenance is being performed. You really can’t get away from that. There is always someone that wants to tear down what’s good and that’s unfortunate.

I know that there is a Bike Brigade of young kids that periodically goes out and does trail clean up. Thanks to their efforts, the trail is very clean and enjoyable. I didn’t see any signs of trash anywhere on it. That is something that every community should take note off. Why wait, or depend on the government to do something, when the citizens can do it themselves.


PaloAltoEntranceThe entrance to the park (for those cycling or walking) is on the corner of Highway 550 and Paredes Line Road. You are greeted to a well-kept red paver stoned entrance with a huge black painted canon standing guard. There is a little paved trail that goes by the gated entrance and back into the park where you will find a large park building. Inside the park building you will find a lot of history about the battlefields and the events leading up the to the fight between Mexico and the United States. What strikes me the most were the uniforms that they wore in this south Texas heat!

Going out the back you will find a display of the different munitions used in the canons. All I can say, I’m glad I wasn’t around then when those were going off. Past the build there is a paved path that takes you out to the park and the rugged land that two armies fought over. The signs say that fallen solders from both sides are buried out there somewhere. If you go out there early in the morning, I’m sure you will catch a glimpse of the wildlife that call the park their home.

The ride home is the same trail that got me there. The bridge crossing over the railroad tracks to the port provides a nice scenic view of the country. I had the wind to my back going up there, so going back I now have it in my face. That’s ok with me. There one section where standing water covered a small portion of the trail but it’s nothing major. Rather it has a cooling effect in that hot day. I even saw sand crabs and lots of them in that section! I should have taken a picture or video. Something for next time I suppose.

Anyone wanting to do the ride I highly encourage you to do it. Completely off the city roads, plenty of rest stops, quick detours to restaurants for food, a zoo at one end and a Historic Park at the other end and nice scenery in between. What more could you ask for? I have a map of the route in the Cycling Routes section of my blog and it’s also on Google Maps under the Bicycle overlay. Brownsville has a gem of a trail, enjoy!