Weight Loss – Getting Past the Plateau

Last month I wrote on how I was stuck on a plateau, not gaining weight but not losing it either. I was totally frustrated with the situation. I want to reach my goal of 200 lbs this year, not in 2014. I’ll be happy at 210 though. Since last month, I am happy to say that I did bust through that plateau and is resuming course to a healthier, lighter, faster me.

How did I get past the plateau that plagues many dieters? Was it starvation? Or one of those fad diets such as the grapefruit diet? How about some pills or drink a funky green all natural drink? Nope. Non of those ever crossed my mind. My “trick”, the humble food journal. It was amazing how fast it jump started my weight loss! In one week I started shedding pounds. In a little over a month, I dropped 11-12 pounds and I’m still going strong. Here is a good article from WebMD that gives some in-site about why a journal works.

Me being a gizmo type of guy, I wasn’t satisfied with a paper journal. I use an app for my iPhone that also has a web page you can use on your PC. Take a look at MyFitnessPal and see if this will work for you. What I really like about it is the huge database of foods. Either type it in or scan the food item’s bar-code and it pulls up the information. Set weight goals and I will figure out how many calories you can consume daily. Keeps track of food, nutrients, weight and calories burned during exercise.

On thing about entering calories burned during exercise is to enter accurate data. Many gizmo’s that suppose to track calories spent are grossly inaccurate. Did you really burn up 1000 calories running two miles? I seriously doubt it. Enter realistic data to avoid getting a false sense of calories available to consume.

I don’t weigh myself every day, just on Friday and Monday morning. I choose Mondays, to see how the weekend went and the start of the week and Fridays, to see how the week went and where I stand for the weekend. Simple and it works for me.

Well, that’s how I got past my weight loss plateau. I encourage others to use a food journal. It can be a simple paper journal or an electronic one like the one I mentioned. It helps you decide which foods you have been eating to avoid and which ones you can continue with. For those on sodium restrictions MyFitnessPal also shows that along with complete nutritional information along with a weekly summary.

Let’s hear from you dieters, what type of food journal do you use? What type of success have you had with or without them?

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Getting Past the Plateau

    • Oh yes, for sure. All the stir fry restaurants and even certain Luby’s side items really packed in the calories in a small package. After a while you learn to stay away from certain foods and just have them as a treat every once in a while.

  1. Hi Ray,
    Interesting blog, found it whilst looking for info on the Specialized hybrid. MFP is fantastic, probably turned out to be a life saver for me. The other “tool” I’ve learnt to use is a 5:2 diet, which is basically a diet where you have low calories (600 if you are a bloke) and eat normally the rest of the week.
    With regards weight plateaus you may (or may not 🙂 ) be interested in this chapter from the hackers diet, http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/e4/signalnoise.html , it has made such a difference to me tracking the trend rather than getting hung up on the daily figure (I weigh + record each day on waking).

    Thanks for the info on the Specialized, going to take one for a test ride.

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