Weekly Stats ending on March 20th, 2011

Well, another windy week has come to a close and I managed to reach 114% of my goal of five hours. Yes, but I’m also tired. I also bought some new gloves this week as my old ones were tattered and long over due to be replaced. I’m also starting to eat something right at the forty minute mark. Eating something, such as a banana, seems to help me avoid the shakes due to low sugar levels.

Brownsville Area

Brownsville offers a lot to see both within the City and out on the rural roads, plus it's a lot closer to the beach than the mid-valley area!

Be sure to use Google Maps and turn on the Bike overlay for all the bike routes within the city limits in Brownsville. There are many routes to choose from that can get you across town.
Gladys Zoo to Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park8 / 16 milesRoute starts and stops at the Southern Pacific Linear Park parking lot (across from the Zoo). Visit the zoo then head on over the Palo Alto Battlefield and take in the National Historic Park.

8 miles one-way, 16 miles total
Brownsville to Padre Island27 / 33 / 54 / 66 milesRoute starts in Brownsville and works it's way to Port Isabel on highway 100. The causeway is closed to cyclists unless it is a special cycling event. If it is an event you ride over to Claytons otherwise you can end the ride in Port Isabel or ride back to the starting point.

This is also known as the Pedal to Padre Bike Ride. Be prepared for windy conditions either going or coming back (and sometimes both ways). Be sure to top off your water bottle in Los Fresnos and/or carry a spare.

27 miles to Port Isabel, 54 miles round trip
33 miles to Claytons on the island, 66 miles round trip
Gladys Zoo to Los Fresnos12.3 / 24.6 milesRoute starts at the Southern Pacific Linear Park and follows the hike n bike trial past Palo Alto Battlefield park and continues on Paredes Line Road to the Valero at the corner of Peredes road and Highway 100.

12.3 miles one-way, 24.6 round trip.


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