Road ID Sport

Shortly after my car accident I was thinking what would have happened if I was unconscious. How would my family know what happened? How would First Responders know my medical conditions? I then recalled an article I read from another blogger where he talked about the same issue. Bryan, from his BikingtoLive blog, mentioned a product called Road ID, so I looked it up on-line. Before you know it, I went ahead and ordered one.

What is Road ID? Put it simply, it is a band that you wear that has contact and medical information for First Responders to use in their assessment. There are wrist or ankle bands as well as a shoe tag and they come in a variety of colors for you to choose. The band uses the hook and loop connectors along with reflective stitching type of material and the label, with the information, is on a metal plate. The metal tag is also interchangeable with the Shoe ID tag. The website steps you through the process of determining what information to put on it and in what format. It is fairly easy to do and gives me peace of mind that First Responders will know whom to call if the situation should ever arise.

There are several versions available on the RoadID site to choose from; Wrist ID Sport, Elite and Slim plus the Shoe ID, Ankle ID and the FIXX ID (like dog tags worn by the armed service). The one I purchased was the Wrist ID Sport for $19.95. The Wrist ID Elite and Slim are of a rubberized band type and do not use the hook and loop type of connector.

If you have seen me with a red wrist band lately, that’s it. I wear it all the time now except when I’m taking a shower or sleeping. It’s not only for cycling, but for everyday use. I highly recommend this piece of gear as it is simple, inexpensive and could save your life or that of a loved one. Go to the web site and take a look at what they have to offer or hunt me down and I’ll show you mine.

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