RGV Awareness and Remembrance Ride to Donna, Texas

December 3rd is the memorial ride to Donna, Texas in remembrance of the missionaries that were killed in a car accident while cycling home. The ride is sponsored by Rio South Texas Cycling Coalition (RSTCC) as their first inaugural event that they organized. RSTCC goal is to unit all cyclists in the Rio Grande Valley under one roof in order to better serve the cycling community in advocacy, training and awareness. The Remembrance ride is a group effort to honor the missionaries that were killed while out doing their good work. This ride is rather unique as there are two rides starting at opposite ends of the Valley riding to a central point (Donna), then joining up to ride together to the accident site to install two ghost bikes.

Anyone that wishes to take part is welcome to join us in the ride. Get there early for waiver signing as the ride is scheduled to depart at 8:30 AM. See the picture for details or check out the RSTCC Facebook site.


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