One good way to avoid possible tickets in the Valley, avoid Alton, TX

I haven’t received any tickets from the City of Alton but everytime I drive through there the risk is high, even if you are carefull about your speed. You see, Alton doubled their police crusers to a total of TWO. now, it may not sound like a lot but they now have a black Charger to go along with their black SUV, both with very lightly painted POLICE on them. In affect, they are in stealth mode. Why? Why do police need their agressive looking police cars to be stealthy? Tickets revenue is the only reason along with a very strick rules of the road.

I’ve had friends that live in Alton get tickets for minor infractions such as doing 34 mph when speeding up to go from a 30 to a 45 mph zone. Why are they so anal about it? It’s not that they are doing it on special days, but it’s every day that they are like that. If I had my way I would build a bride over that town and bypass them. But, I don’t have my way so the next alternative is to just avoid that area entirely. So, that’s what I do now. I take a different route to and from work and I’m at peace. Gone are the days of a black SUV or Dodge Charger making a u-turn to get up behind me and following, waiting for me to break the smallest of infraction. If that is how the city treats citizens traveling through their town, then they will always be a small dusty town. Who would want to go there to to do business in that environment? Not me, that’s for sure.

Do yourself a favor and avoid Alton.

What does this have to do with cycling? Abosolutely nothing.

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