Losing Weight – The Plateau

Spring weather is here along with Daylight saving time adjustment. What this means is more pleasant weather and more daylight after I get off from work. I used to have about 1 to 1.5 hrs of daylight left after getting off work at 5 pm. That’s just enough time to get out and put in a workout, but I always had that rushed feeling. Now I have time to slow down and take my time to workout and extra time to cycle a bit further. Thank goodness for that cause I’m stuck at a Plateau in my weight loss.

Everyone trying to shed some weight has come across this phenomenon. Your body simply refuses to corporate and lose some weight. Ah, that arch nemesis as struck again! It’s in a stubborn phase and it can really bum a person out. It does me! I workout hard all week, putting in the miles on a consistent basis, watching what I eat and poof, nothing happens on weigh-in.

Discouraged, I go over what I’ve been doing and eating. Maybe I need to cut back on this or that or eat more of this or that … it’s all the same stuff that everyone seems to go through and there is no one bullet answer to solve this.

I think I’ll go back to a food diary, such as MyFitnessPal, and see where I’m going wrong with food consumption aspect of things. It really is a pretty good app. Maybe I can figure out how to get off this plateau.

Any suggestions? Drop me a line or post a comment, I’d like to hear from you and your struggles with the weight loss plateau.

Keep them wheels spinning!

5 thoughts on “Losing Weight – The Plateau

  1. Seems like every year I put on some weight right when weather goes south for winter, and once base training starts I start dropping it like crazy. Right around march I hit the same thing you’re talking about. It seems at this point I stop dropping weight so rapidly, and building more muscle, which happens to weigh more. I do notice that my body tones up a bit, but fat loss from here on out is a little sluggish. Keep going, because regardless of what the scale says, you are maintaining and bettering your over all fitness and health.

    • I do dislike the winter months with all the holiday distractions and it could have been worse with the winter weight buildup. I do feel that my fitness level has improved and continues to improve, but dang it I want that scale to nudge downwards lol

      Thanks for your feedback, I just have to stick to the regimen and pay attention to what I eat.

  2. A sheet of paper works great. List everything that goes in your mouth and count the calories. This will help pinpoint foods that could be holding you back. Sometimes the body just doesn’t want to turn loose of the extra weight until it knows you mean business.

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