It All Ties Together

Nothing all that new to report, but here are a few tidbits.

My new bike (Robaix) is doing fine. I already did several 30 and 40+ mile rides over the past few weekends and report no problems. I feel that I can go further and I know I will. The new Salsa skewers that I bought came in and they look nice on the bike. I hated the originals.

With Conquer the Coast coming up this month I feel that I’m ready to do the 65-mile tour. My first in many, many moons.

With these longer rides comes along with more calories spent. In my last 44-mile ride, the iBike Newton reported 1063 calories expended. The Newton being power based, the burned calories are very accurate.

With the more calories burnt, means greater weight loss (providing I don’t down half a pizza when I get home). Combine that with a protein drink for lunch every other day and you got some weight loss going on! 🙂

The lighter I am, the easier it will be for me to do the 65-mile ride at the Conquer the Coast event in Corpus Christi, Texas.

As I said, it all ties in.

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