Finding Bike Routes via Google Maps

While scanning search results on my blog-site, I noticed that people are looking for bike routes in our area. It’s rather easy to do this with Google Maps, but I figure that not everyone is aware of this. So, here I am writing a short post on how to find bike routes via Google Maps. This will work no matter where you live. The larger the city or metropolitan area your in, the greater chance that someone has mapped out routes on Google.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Head on over to and search the area you are interested in. On the right side click on the expand arrow below the Traffic box. Next select the Bicycling option and any bike lanes or bike friendly routes will be displayed. The legend says the solid dark green lines are trails, a solid light green line indicates dedicated lanes (marked bicycle lanes) and the green dotted lines are bike friendly roads. See figure one.

How do the routes get marked? Volunteers such as I, submit the bike routes for review and someone else confirms them and shortly thereafter they appear on the maps. I believe they call this crowd sourcing. I did much of the routes for the Mission, McAllen and Edinburg areas. There are still many more routes to map out and I can get ideas from Strava and incorporate those routes into Google maps. Other routes are neighborhood favorites that I find impossible to capture it all. I basically did major routes to get you to and from each city in the Mission, McAllen and Edinburg areas. It takes time and patience to add routes, so be patient while I find the time to add more.

That’s pretty much it. Give it a try and drop me a comment.

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