Contact Me is now working

Apparently my Contact Me page was not sending the messages to my email. I don’t log in often and when I did today, I found a ton of Feedback messages! Arg!! As a result I have missed out on a lot of opportunities to communicate with people. 🙁 My Apologies to everyone that sent me a message via the Contact Me page. I spent today troubleshooting and now have it working properly.

It would have been nice if my WordPress iPhone app notified me when there was a message in Feedback. Too much to ask for I suppose.

Anyways, expect a new posting later this week on the speed metric that everyone seems to be fixated about.


2 thoughts on “Contact Me is now working

    • Hello Stephen,

      The Valley is flat flat flat. What we call hills are just rolling terrain west of Mission over in the La Joya to Rio Grande City area. What we lack in “hills” we make up with wind. We have plenty of wind here.

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