2013: Looking Back



Well another year has come and gone and it’s time to reflect on this past year and the goals that I set out to achieve. Although I achieved many of them, some goals  still elude me. No biggie, there is always next year. Over all, it has been a very good year with new friends, rides, bikes and the like.

As I said in my last post, I’ve dropped two pant sizes and I’m ecstatic about that, but the winter Holiday months have been hard and my weight has slid up a little. Yes, I’m disappointed but I gotta keep at it and not let up. Hopefully, next year will be even better with this weight loss. My goal is to lose enough weight to enable me to eliminate the need to use a CPAP machine. That’s my ultimate goal. You don’t know the extra freedom that it will give me. Try being tied to one and you’ll appreciate the freedom you have now.

Other than dropping two pant sizes, I also did metric century rides in both the organized and solo variety. They were surprisingly easy to do, just a little time-consuming. I did struggle on the solo version, but that wasn’t a planned ride. It was rather an impromptu occasion, but I still made it! I still want to do more of them.

A new bike can be considered a goal. I love my Specialized Roubaix. Without this bike and the  proper bike fit, I would have not done the Century rides. I really can’t stress that enough. Get a bike fit! It is money well spent. At the moment, I don’t see any new bikes in the future.

This year was the year of training rides with a slew of newbies, and that’s cool. I loved helping them out and getting them started on their personal cycling journey. I’m wanting to do that again next year. It’s such a thrill to see them start to get the idea of shifting and how easy it can make cycling be. There is also the empowerment you help them achieve by teaching them how to fix a flat. Once they learn to do that, they are no longer restricted to just around the neighborhood. It gives them the freedom to go out further and explore new routes knowing that if they get a flat, they can deal with it and get it fixed. This is something I hope to do more of next year.

This year I was able to ride the completed Mission Trails at San Antonio. What a fun route that is. The last time I rode the trail it was not complete and you had to detour back on the streets to complete the tour. This time around the trail is completed and follows the San Antonio River. Very scenic and beautiful filled with wildlife and people using the trail for a variety of reasons including fishing! I love seeing families out there fishing. Don’t know if they catch anything but I think it’s the time spent together that really matters.

San Antonio has other trails that I want to go and explore. There is something called the Greenway system. From what I can tell from the maps, it’s a trail system that the city is trying to develop that circles the city between the 410 and 1604 loops. They are not complete but some of them are already open. It’s something to go and explore in the near future.

Through out the year I’ve collected pictures of my rides with friends and by myself. I have it streaming to my Apple TV, but was wondering how I could stream it to others without them having to have an Apple account. I figured why not make a movie out of it and put it up on YouTube. I like using iMovie and the movie trailers feature, so I decided to use that. Browsing through it I found a nice holiday teamed trailer that I adapted to fit my needs. Check it out below.

For some reason people look short and squat. I’m sure it has to do with the aspect ratio or something like that. Oh Well. If anyone has tips to prevent that, drop me a comment.

Next year I may do a video diary type of video. Not sure yet if that’s what I want to do. Not even sure if anyone would even watch it. lol I like doing this video editing stuff and I may even progress past iMovie to a different video editor, but I really like the movie trailer format that iMovie has.

Some may wonder who is Dale in the picture above. Dale was a dailymile friend that was killed this year doing what he loved to do, riding his bike. I still miss his postings and quite frankly, dailymile has not been the same without him. I wish his family a Merry Christmas as I’m sure they miss him too.

With many goals accomplished this year, I will need to think up of new challenging ones for next year and try to carry out the rest on my list. I still got the Century ride in both organized event and a solo ride. I like doing the solo versions because I feel they are more challenging. I always need to lose more weight too. I’ll come up with a list and post it sometime.

Well, that’s it for the year 2013. It’s done and over with and in the books. All that is left to do is to say is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions.

10 thoughts on “2013: Looking Back

    • Thanks, Rick … would you believe I just came down with a cold! The first one all year long, and their goes my trip to San Antonio :/ I guess those trails will have to wait.

  1. Nice video. It looks like it was shot in 4:3, but then exported as 16:9. That would account for the squat shape of the people. Looks like we both had good years, but you got a new bike, so you win!

    • Hmm, I’ll have to keep in mind the aspect ratio when I convert or shoot everything in 16:9 if possible. More stuff to play with.

      Let’s hope that we all have a good 2014!

  2. There’s a ride coming up April 4th in Castroville, Texas. In case you are in these part of the woods or are looking for a road trip to SA. They have a 30 mile and 60 mile route. Mostly flat but can be windy but you are used to that. There are some hills at around mile 48 I think. Just wanted to share.

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