What am I to do?

Seems like this month a lot of accessories, that I use while cycling, have come out with new models. For example iBikeSports with their Newton+ and iPhone 5 case upgrade, GoPro with their Hero 3 (looks awesome) and not to mention Apple with their iPhone 5. What am I to do? Do I upgrade or stay?

I’ve already upgrade to the iPhone 5 but I still have the iPhone 4. Version 4 is still being used with the iBikeSports products (Dash+Power and the Powerhouse app). My sister eventually wants my old iPhone so I guess I’ll start with the new case to hold the iPhone 5.

I like the Hero 3 but I guess that would have to wait for a bit. I still got my Hero 1 that I am using. Hmm, a camera in front of the bike and one in the back, nice! Oh well, I guess I’m dreaming too much and need to come down to reality!

Other items of interest to me is the KICKR Power Trainer from Wahoo Fitness that is not out yet (I hope it’s not super expensive), a Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors to replace the ANT+ versions. Seems like Wahoo Fitness has a lot of great cycling accessories for your cycling adventures.

Well those are just a few of the new items to look forward to. Some I need and some just a wish list, but really want! What am I to do?

3 thoughts on “What am I to do?

  1. Ahhh…the downfall of buying quality gear.

    I try to always buy quality gear, not unlike you…the resale value on said gear, if it has been taken care of, can help to defray the costs of the new gear. Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

    I also look to take old gear and give it to a niece or nephew who takes an interest in my cycling fascination. This summer I upgraded a lot of camping equipment that has a lot of good life in it. rather than sell it I left it at my parents house and several times this summer got to go backyard camping with family members and their children.

    TL;DR – I either sell it after upgrading or use it to get younger family members interested in my good healthy hobbies.

    • Oh I do think my gear that I use is quality, but that is subjective to the user. I have a friend that interested in buying my iBike gear so that is not an issue any longer.

      For other gear like pedals or saddles that I’ve replaced, I got a friend that is starting a bike co-op so I give those parts for him to use on other bikes. It’s a win-win situation.

      It’s good to hear that you are encouraging others to ride and I agree, it’s a good healthy hobby.

      Thanks for reading. Input is always welcome.

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