Wahoo fisica fitness v2.0.1 Review

I started trying out this App recently and was really starting to like it. It has about eight different screens you can flip through to get the data you want to see on the screen. You can turn off anyone of the eight screens and just have your favorite ones available at your finger tips. For sharing of the rides you can post to TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, Nike+ and MapMyTracks. It would be nice if they included dailymile and Garmin Connect in the list.

The App has all the usual information, GPS tracking and supports ANT+ Sensors such as, bike speed and cadence, heart rate and power meters. After a couple of tries I finally got the wheel size correct and the distance was pretty accurate compared to the GPS. It also includes auto pause so when you get to a stop light, the system stops recording and resumes when you take off.

The system has an auto announce that announces distance, speed and time, but I was never able to correctly get it going, so I abandon the idea. A nice feature that it has is the use of the Proximity sensor to turn off the screen to save battery life. Get started and place the phone in your back pack or pocket and it will blank the screen and quietly continue to record.

What killed the app for me is the cardinal sin of losing your data. I was on a group ride with Ciclistas Urbanos and the half way point we stopped to get some water at a gas station and rest up a bit. The App was in auto pause mode with the screen off. When we were ready to start-up again, I woke up the screen and noticed that I had a missed call. Well that ruined the data for the lat hours ride. All the data was lost, zeroed out! I could not believe what I was seeing,  nn hours worth of data out. I closed the App and loaded up LiveCycling and recorded the second half of the ride without incident.

Although this App is free and is pretty good, that glaring problem of losing your data is a deal breaker for me. I cannot trust this App to safely handle the data that it collects. Until they fix the problem, I would not recommend this to my friends. Fix that one problem and I’ll be happy to recommend it to people.

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