Status Update

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has changed. Some for the better and others not so good. It is a busy time here in the Rio Grande Valley with all sorts of cycling and out-door event going on. Be sure to check out the events and find something to do one weekend.

Some good news, I’m dropping the weight! Finally! So far I have lost 20 lbs and it continues to come off. I’m very excited about this. I would like to lose another 10 lbs by mid May so I can go to Austin’s Viva Streets Festival feeling good. Hopefully, if all goes well I can crack the 200 lb barrier by the end of the year. How am I doing this? Well it seems that keeping a good food diary with calorie goals set is working for me. A friend of mine introduced me to an App called MyFitnessPal that is available on my iPhone. After doing some checking around, it is also available for the Android and on the web, plus they will sync up with each other. Excellent! This little app has been a big hit with me. I’ll probably do a review of it later when I find some free time. Many thanks to my friend Amanda for this!

The other good news is my new bike! I saw it online when I was browsing through the Specialized Bikes website. It’s the top end of the Sirrus model that I have. All carbon with higher end components. It’s called the Specialized Sirrus Limited and comes it mat black. A week later I saw the same bike at my LBS and bought it the same day! It was the same size but the horizontal tube was a little shorter. A longer handle bar stem fixed that problem. I went from a 90 mm to 100 mm stem and that made all the difference. This is my first carbon fiber bike and love it. There was concern about it and my weight but after watching a video of some guy using his carbon road bike to do rock hopping and other astonishing things, I knew it would hold up.

I’m loving the smooth and comfortable ride that my new bike provides. The bike is all tweaked out to my liking and is such a fun ride. I still use m other bike when I need to use the bike rack that clamps to the seat post. I sometimes go on super long rides and need to carry lunch and the camera with me. That bike rack comes in very handy.

Another piece of good news is I got a new Car! Wohoo!! I traded in my Honda Fit for the Toyota Prius C. Tons of better gas mileage. I can now go two weeks before I need to fill up with the same amount of gas. Plus, my bike fits in the back! I was thinking of getting a bike rack for the car but the one from Saris is $350 , yikes! I’ll be very careful placing my bike in and taking it out of the back of he car. Maybe when I saved up enough I can get one.

Now for some bad news. I have a car payment. It’s not too bad at $230 per month. I just want to pay it off as soon as possible. I hate having payments. My other bummer news is that after two weeks of 110+ miles of riding I sprained my calf muscle. It has been close to two weeks since it happened and I tried to do some slow easy paced riding but now my tendon as flared up. It’s a little swollen and tender so off the bike I go. Give it another week and reevaluate then.

Well that about wraps things up, I’m losing weight, got a new bike and car, injured my leg. Hopefully I’ll be ready for Viva Streets in Austin on May 20th!

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