Slipgrip 1.5″ Bike Mount 4 iPhone 4 Otterbox Defender

Some news on the Slipgrip Bike mounts for us cyclists, I found a webpage for the Slipgrip products. On that page I found several new mounts that look interesting. Both do away with the ball and cup joint (although that is still available to order) and just go with straight bar. They also have them in versions that depend on the thickness of the handlebar, ranging from 1 inch to 1.5 inches. I chose the 1.5 inches as it gives me the flexibility to move it to another bike easily with the scissor type clamp that it uses. I hope to have it before the weekend as I have a long ride that I can use it on. Look for updates to this posting sometime next week.

Their new webpage can be found at SlipGripCarMounts.

Update: 09/08/2011

I finally got my new mount in on Tuesday. Upon opening the box, the first thing that I noticed was how big the clamp is. It’s huge! It looks like a crab claw. This is one beefy clamp and should quell any complaints about a flimsy clamp. There were no instructions that came with it, just the receipt. Installation is a simple process of adjusting the clamp width by spinning the cam lever until you reach the desired width. Place the clamp over the handle bar or t-bar and flip the lever. If too tight the undo the screw a little and try again. Keep adjusting until you have a nice tight grip. No need for any rubber shims either as the clamp jaws have a serrated rubber liner that grips pretty good.

The following day, I took the bike out for a spin and chose a route that takes me over several railroad tracks as well as some rough roads. I purposely placed the unit at a 45 degree angle from a horizontal position to see if it will slip. Nope. Not one bit. I am going to like this very much.

Other features includes being able to rotate the unit 360 degrees that is set on a spring tension ratchet. Just turn the unit to any spot you want and it stays there. It also has the cutout for the camera, although I don’t find it useful. I suppose you can mount the camera perpendicular to the road and use it to take pictures or videos as you are riding. I just don’t see me doing that. The case is the same as the original, but attached to a huge claw.

I paid $29.94 plus $4.95 in shipping for USPS First Class Mail, directly from their website and it took about a week to arrive.

My conclusion, it is definitely better that the original. No ball and cup joint and a much stronger method of mounting to the bike. I would definitely recommend this unit to other users of the iPhone and have the Defender series of the Otterbox.

Drop a comment if you have one yourself and share you’re experience with it.

Update: 09/16/2011

It just dawned on me that I can mount the Slipgrip on the handle bar stem. I am no longer limited to only one size of bar to mount it on, so I took it off the t-bar, opened the jaws some more, mounted on the handle bar stem and turned the case holder 90 degrees. Presto! A nice snug fit. Now I can take off the extra t-bar and declutter the front of the bike.

It has been several weeks since I’ve installed the new mount on the stem. I love it! It’s no longer in-my-face as it was when I used the T-Bar.

Update: 02/08/2012

It’s time for another update on this mount. It has been about fives months since I bought this mount and I am happy to say that I’ve had absolutely no issues with it. No wear and tear, no jury rigging, no breakage … rock solid!

Update: 05/24/2013

Some recent news has come to my attention as to the sturdiness of the bike mount. One individual had an accident with a car and the mount snapped off at the joint. Another reader has had problems with the phone popping out if he hits a jarring bump on the road. Read the comments below this post for additional details. Support from the vendor has been sketchy at best and that is a shame.

I like simple homemade solutions to problems that I have. If I had the problem of the phone popping out I would look to see if a rubber band on the top and bottom will keep it in place. It’s a simple solution that I would use as a temporary fix as I look for a new mount.

My current recommendation as been altered now because of the feedback you have provided. I recommend the use of this bike mount for leisurely rides at a slow pace (10 mph or less), for a baby stroller, or anywhere you want to mount the phone to jam to some tunes. For faster rides or rides on bumpy roads I do not recommend it.

Not to leave you hanging as to what else you can use, here are some options to consider (in no particular order).

1. iBike – Phonebooth products for both the iPhone 4 and 5 series that are water-resistant with secure mounts. I have used the iBike Dash case and like it.

2. Wahoo Fitness – They have several bike mounts worth looking into as well as the remote display called RFLKT. The RFLKT is an interesting product. You mount it to the bike and sync it with one of many cycling apps. Once synced, ride data is displayed on unit and you can put your iPhone in your pocket or bike bag.

3. LifeProof – Not only a pretty solid case but they also have a bike mount too. Not sure if it will survive an accident with a car, but how often is that? Other than that, it looks like the phone won’t be popping off if you hit a hard bump.

4. Quad Lock Mounting System – Something that came from a KickStarter project that looks pretty good. Neat locking mechanism that can be used in multiple ways. Take a look at the video of them mountain biking with the iPhone mounted.

If you have had any experience with the four suggestions above, drop me a comment and let us know what you think of it.

Update: 06/27/2014

I’ve been using the Quadlock Mounting System on my bike for a while and love it. Check out the post about it: Quadlock Case for iPhone 5 Yes, the Quadlock supports other phones.

46 thoughts on “Slipgrip 1.5″ Bike Mount 4 iPhone 4 Otterbox Defender

    • Hey Billy,

      Yes, this version is pretty good. No complaints of it. Some people think it’s kinda large but the Otterbox is large so it has to hold it.

      Let me know what you think when you get it.

  1. Thanks for this review – very helpful. It appears the mounting is very sturdy, but does it grip/hold the phone with the same degree of quality? I’ve got a $400+ Galaxy Nexus in an OtterBox Commuter case. Should I be worried the phone will go flying if I hit a pothole? I’m not riding rough trails, but the roads aren’t always perfect and I like to keep the pace up. Thanks!

    • Hi, yes it does. It you are not going to have any problem with the phone popping out of the holder. I used it while on my road bike over all sorts of surfaces and had no problem with it slipping out. I don’t have a mountain bike so I can’t attest to in on the trails but I feel confident that there is no issue.

    • a final thought, i have dropped my iPhone several times (accidentally) at various heights and the Otterbox did it’s job perfectly. I’m not worried that, if for some odd reason the phone pops out of the cradle, the Otterbox will keep it safe.

  2. I have a large phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 and could not find any mounts that would work without taking my hard rubber case off the phone each time. Slip Grip offered mounts that were made specifically for my phone, with or without cases. Just got mine today and I can’t wait to test it out.

  3. Great review, thanks for the information

    To clarify, I have to have the otterbox case for my iPhone for it to work with this mount? Just want to be sure before I buy.

    • Yes, the mount is designed to work with the otterbox. I have the defender series and I like that it is secure, I dont have to take the case off and if for some reason the phone pops out, the case will protect it. Check their website as the have the mount for specific phones and cases but I recommend the mount that has that claw to clamp on the bar.

  4. Excellent article!!! You saved me a lot of time. All the time I have spent researching and riding different commuter bikes wore me out. Then all the other things needed for the bike came into the picture–lock, helmet etc.. Much appreciated!

  5. Super review. I love my Otterbox. Regarding how secure it is I was riding our quad runners all I’ve in Yellostone Park last month with my iPhone strapped to my hip. I was also leary that it would fall out. So I was checking on it constantly through the rough trail riding. It was all good! Otterbox rocks, if this one stakes on the bike your phone will never fall out of its case!

  6. Thanks for the writeup. I was looking at the Slip Grip products and I wanted to know somebody else’s opinion! Thanks for making me confident to buy! Cheers and happy riding.

    • That article is very popular on my blogsite and it’s a good product that’s for sure. What I like about it is that you can use it anywhere besides a bike. Anyplace you can clamp it to and listen to music is great!

      Keep turning those pedals …

      • Disclaimer: I would like to note that I am probably in the minority of riders in the way that I use this mount. Both times my phone flew out were at night, my bike is stiff, tires skinny and I wasn’t paying full attention to avoiding potholes. I am awaiting response to this message I sent to SlipGrip 10/13/12.

        “My iphone has been ejected from the 1.5” Bike Holder Otterbox Defender case mount twice in the handful of rides I’ve done since I purchased this mount. Thankfully the Otterbox case protected my phone. I ride in Brooklyn where the roads are rough and the potholes large and unfortunately this mount (in it’s current configuration) is not secure enough for my riding style and terrain. I am hopeful that you have a solution because I would like to use my phone for navigation while riding. I look forward to hearing from you.

        If you don’t have a more secure option I’m afraid I would like to return this mount.

        I believe the cause of insecurity in this mount comes from two places. 1. the “clip”: The tension of the clip that engages the phone is to low, also, the “clip” does not make use of the indented rectangle feature on the Otterbox Defender case in the manner intended by Otterbox. 2. The 360 degree swivel: The tension here is to loose and introduces angular momentum which increases the chance of the phone being ejected under intense shock load.

        I hope you do not mind the mechanical critique. I only offer it because I think your product is high quality and very close to suiting my needs. Possibly a custom solution is in order? I have a few extra factory Otterbox belt clips. Perhaps one could be attached to your 1.5″ handlebar mount?

        I look forward to any insight or solutions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my stupid long message!”

        • Hey Matt,

          That’s some rough riding your doing where your at. Gotta agree, the SlipGrip mount is pretty good, but there are some limitations like any product. I hope the provide a solution, but I’ve been using a product from iBikeSports that may suit your needs. They have a product called the Phonebooth that is water resistant and mounts on the handlebar or the stem. I really like it. You will have to take off the Otterbox though. My only complaint about the case is that the hing cracked on mine and eventually broke off, but I glued it back with Gorilla Glue and haven’t had anymore issues with it. Check my posts on ibike dash or powerhouse. They all use the same case so it’ll give you an idea as to how it works.

          Feel free to drop me a note anytime.

          • Hi Ray,

            Hmm, the Phonebooth from iBikeSports looks like a great product. Out of my price range though. I also think it’s really practical to leave the phone in its case to ride with it.

            It’s a shame because the SlipGrip is so close! I feel like it just needs a little tweaking. My band-aid is to wrap two rubber bands around the top and bottom of the phone. I’m confident with these two bands the phone ‘aint going nowhere! Look for a quick little vid here:

            (PS – Do you mind if I point to this post, in the description of my video, as a “second opinion?)

          • Yes, by all means go ahead and link to my page.

            I thought of the rubber band trick too but never implemented it as I don’t have the “tough” roads you have.

            I have seen the phone booth at Target before over by the electronics section. You my find one there cheaper. Good luck on your experiments and post a follow up. I get a ton of hits about the SlipGrip.

  7. Thanks Ray for this post. It is exactly what I am looking for and do have the 4s w/Otter Defender. Reading the above posts, the rubber bands might be the solution on rough roads. We have some of those in Houston lately too with really big potholes. Really appreciate your input to this need.

    • Hi Bill,

      Glad you liked the write up. I haven’t used that set up in a long time ever since I started using the iBike products.

      When I was using the Otterbox that clamp was my favorite mount to use. Personally, I never had an issue of the phone popping out but that’s not to say it won’t, but that’s the reason I used the Otterbox. It’s a 2nd layer of protection.

      Another option is to use the Lifeproof case and their bike mount. It looks pretty good.

      IBike does have a case the that works pretty good too. You will need to take off any case before using it.

      Be sure to drop me a note if you have any other questions.

  8. Thank you for the excellent review and updates on this, the website is pretty sparse with info on these. Also glad to know you are pleased with it. Quick question: you went with the 1.5″, did it mount OK to the 1″ handlebar tube? I’m considering the 1.5″ for the same reason you mentioned, future flexibility for mounting choice.

    I like your idea of mounting it on the stem, but want to be able to move to the handlebar if I decide I like it there. Hoping the 1.5″ model will do both.

  9. Ray,

    Thank goodness I found this site… I have been searching the web for hours for something to mount my iPhone 4s w/Otterbox to my mountain bike for road rides. I had just about given up when I stumbled across this article. I will be ordering one of these mounts tomorrow as it seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you sir!

    • Hey Clint,

      Yes, for those with the Otterbox and 4 series of the iPhone this mount works pretty good. On a mountain bike on trails, I would probably add a rubber-band somewhere but either way, it’s in an Otterbox!

  10. Hi Ray,

    Today I got into a minor accident when someone stopped short about 100 yd from a red light and I rear-ended them. The mount failed and broke at the swivel and my phone was flung to the ground and run over. No damage to my bike, the car, or either of the other two accessories mounted on my bars. The holder still-attached to the phone created a lump on the back that made the run over damage worse. My phone is curved like a banana.

    Looking into the Slip Grip website I find this,

    “Its intended use is to hold your device and that is it. It is not intended to protect you or your device incase of any type of vehicular, bike, motorcycle accidents, the holder falling due to rough terrain, bumps on or off road, or extreme whether effects or wear and tear from use or improper installation or mounting of the holder to your vehicle.”

    So I’m going to have to rate this product a DO NOT BUY. The company does not stand behind the intended use of their products. PI have had the phone ejected from the holder going over potholes in the past. There are issues with the holder holding the phone and the connection between the holder and the swivel. Maybe if you want this mount for a baby stroller its OK but it is obviously not intended for daily use riding a bicycle due to unpredictable failure. Here’s to hoping others have better luck!

    Be Careful Out There!!!!!

    • Oh no Matt. I hope that you are ok.

      Just to be sure, is this the Slipgrip that has the big claw for a clamp? They have an older model that is a ball joint and I really don’t like that version.

      Thanks for you input Matt. If you find something better drop me a line, I’d like to hear what you find!

      • Hi Ray,

        All is well. It’s a bummer though that I need a new phone, case and bike mount.

        Yes, my mount is the one with the claw clamp just like the one in you original post.

        I really wish SlipGrip would respond to my emails because I’d much rather help them develop a better, stronger product rather than write nasty things about the mount on the internet! From what I can tell they are a made in the USA company with a homemade feel. If they were willing to work with their customers I would happily help with engineering, 3D design, FEA (computerized strength testing) and product testing just because I can’t find what I need on the market today.

        I will post some pics of the failed part of the mount and the carnage of the run-over when I get home.


        • Hmm, well there are other mounts out there but for a bare iPhone (no case) except the one from Lifeproof. Wahoo Fitness makes one as well as iBike has a water-tight case with a strong mount. I’m currently using the one from iBike. It’s a solid clam shell case that slides into the mount and with a screw to complete the attachment. The only issue I have with them is after a year of using it the hinge cover has a tendency to pop open after a jarring hit. I am currently working on a simple modification to solve that issue.

          I agree with you that the slipgrip manufactures should be more responsive to customers. It’s only good business practice. If I had a chance to improve on a good product I would jump on it. Makes no sense as to why they don’t. Perhaps they are working on a new model? We just don’t know the inner workings of the company or the failure rate of the product.

          If anyone has a bad experience with this product leave a comment and let me and others know. I do send them a lot of clicks, that I know for sure.

    • When you say “the mount failed and broke at the swivel”, did it get hit by the car when you collided? I am trying to picture how it broke. Sounds like the swivel broke due to impact. Hearing that the company’s support was non-existent isn’t good.

      • Hi George,

        With this accident things happened fast and it’s hard to say exactly what happened. I can’t be sure if the phone or mount collided with the car or not. Obviously I wasn’t paying much attention to the gadgets mounted on my bars because I didn’t realize my phone was gone until after I had left the scene (when I returned it was run over).

        The way I remember the collision is both my tires stayed on the ground the whole time. I hit front tire first and then rolled right, my right shoulder, arm and knee took the impact from the trunk of the sedan. I don’t believe anything on my bars could have come into contact with the car with my handle bar and the front tire in between, but maybe it did. I was not hurt, nothing else on my bike or handlebars was damaged and I thought of it as a relatively minor collision.

        Here you can see how things were set up on my bike:

        Here you can see the small stud inside the Slip Grip mount that failed:

        EVEN IF the phone/mount made contact with the car the ideal place to release those forces would be at the connection between the clamp and the handle bars. In other words I’d like the jaws to swivel out of the way on the bars on impact before plastic breaks allowing the phone to separate from the bike. Perhaps I’m too idealistic.

        In any event I plan to start designing a solid cam-clamp style bike mount that will allow installation of the factory Otterbox belt clip.

        • Yeah I guess it would be tough to know the exact impact, and the more I think about it the less likely it would be a direct hit. I was thinking more that if the bike slammed to the ground or the car and hit the clamp, it might be unavoidable. But the break you show seems like a design flaw for sure.

          By the way, I checked out your website and it looks like you have the skills to perhaps Kickstarter a bike mount. You can definitely design/engineer it it seems. I also really liked your backpack design!

          Sorry to hear on the accident, bike and phone, but thanks for the warning.

  11. I tried one of these on recommendation. It’s the 1.5 version. I actually went out and bought a Defender case just to buy this clamp. Well, today was day 5 of riding here in the chilly Northeast. We have potholes and frost heaves. I hit what is a routine frost heave as I was slowing for a light (about 15mph at the time) and my phone shot out of the clip like a clown out of a circus cannon. And flopped to the roadway. I immediately stopped, but my phone came very, very close to being run over. As this is only day 5 and I’m looking at 5 more solid months of riding, I’d encourage anyone who does not live in sunny climes to avoid this thing like the plague.

    • Hi Marc

      Sorry to hear you had trouble with the phone holder. During the time that I have used it I really never had a problem with it. But after hearing from several people and their experience with it I may have to revisit it and rethink my recommendation.

      What version if the iPhone do you have? I am looking to review some cases from iBikeSports sometime in the future. Take a look at them. I’ve been using the iBike Dash type of case for about a year. I had to make a simple mod to it recently and has been going strong.

      On another note, I am from a sub tropical environment and I never heard of frost heaves. Can you explain?

      • Hi Ray,
        I’ve got the 4S. I have to say, the Defender case lives up to its name- mine isn’t even scratched.

        Up here in New England, road contracts go to the lowest bidder, so what could go wrong? Well, the roadway has seams so that in summer, when the asphalt expands in the heat, it won’t buckle. So instead, water gets underneath that seam, and in the winter, freezes. And we all know what happens to water when it freezes- it expands. And so you get this ridge where the roadway “heaves” up. So as you ride down the road, you get, “ka-CHUNK” all of a sudden. It pays to have a little more padding, or lift your tail when you encounter one.


  12. Hi,

    Im thinking of buying this but not sure which size to go for. Just measured my handlebars and they are 7cm around……so which one should I go for? the 1.5 inch?

    • Hi,

      7 cm is pretty small. That’s less than an inch in diameter. I think would still go for the the one with the big claw clamp. You can adjust it to fit any size of handlebar. I don’t have it anymore so it’s kind of hard to properly advise.

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