Saturday’s Ride

Today, I went out for a ride at the Hike and Bike Trail that is located south of Mission. Before packing my bike in my car, I noticed that the rear tire was out of true. It didn’t look that bad and after testing the brakes I decided it was good enough to ride. The ride itself was brutal. Seventeen miles of wind, wind, and more wind. According to Weatherbug, we had  wind speeds of 18 mph with gusts up to 22 mph. This is normally a ten mile ride but I did some loops on the Military road section and then took an alternate route back to the parking lot. I was drained of energy after the ride. I guess Raisin Bran for breakfast was just not good enough.

Anyways, immediately after the ride, I went to McAllisters to eat lunch and rest. Submarine sandwich with Mac and Cheese. Yum!

Afterwards I headed over to Bicycle World to drop off the bike. I needed to get the rear wheel trued and the brakes adjusted. It was already 2 pm and I’m thinking it would be Monday before I get it back. Oh well. I went off to WalMart to get some supplies and then headed over to Barnes and Nobles to catch up on my Linux reading.

At 5 pm I get a call that my bike was ready! Wahoo! Now that’s what I call a fast turn around. While at the shop I poke around to see what I can find interesting. Found a new CO2 tire inflater that I need. Tried on some gloves that I know I will need soon. XL seem to be the size that I need to get. I’ll get them later. I saw some ANT+ compatible speed and cadence sensors that I’ve never seen before. I’ll have to look them up and do some research.

Check out there rest room. This is what I call a cyclist experience.

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Ride

    • Oh that wind was just brutal. Good thing I remembered to pace myself and just realize that I’m not got to break any speed records.

      That bathroom caught me by surprise and instantly loved it.

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