Readjusting to using SPD pedals and shoes

It has been a long time since I clipped into bike pedals, but I felt it was time to head in that direction. I ordered Shimano’s PD-A530 dual platform pedals from Amazon and went to the local Bike Store, Bicycle World, to get the shoes. Shoes is one thing I don’t want to order online because of sizing issues. I opted for the Mountain Bike type of shoes because I can walk in them. When finished my riding, I want to get off the bike and be able to walk normally. Not too much to ask for.

Installing the new pedals is a straight forward thing, take the old pedals off and mount the new ones.  The shoes have two positions for the cleats, above the ball of foot and below. I went ahead and tried the top position and took the bike out for a spin. Clipping in and out seems fine, so I skipped the clip tension adjustment. At about mile five, my hands were going numb and my feet were feeling a little rough as well the need to stretch out some. Looks like some saddle adjustments are in order. I’ll start with raising the seat a centimeter and see how that turns out. That is for another night to do.

Oh, yes, I have forgotten to unclip at an intersection and fallen. I hope to avoid that in the future.

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