Quadlock Case for iPhone 5


Quadlock Case – Image from MacWorld

Recently I decided that i need a way to mount my iPhone 5 to the bike somewhere. I have been having problems with the Wahoo RFLKT+ bike computer and I needed a way to mount my iPhone 5 to the bike. I’ve seen the Quadlock Case advertised and seen the Kickstarter project and really liked it. One check with Amazon and I ordered it with the bike kit.

photo 1The bike mount is one of those where you use the – rubber bands to secure it. I’m generally not a fan of those types but it also comes with zip ties. In the end, I ended up using the rubber bands. Initially I tried to mount it on the handlebar stem but I got one of short stems and it didn’t fit on it. The handlebars were out as I already got stuff mounted on them. The only other option was the top tube near the front. I joined two of the larger rubber bands and wrapped it around the top tube and secured the mount.
photoThe case is a simple slip on type which I love. I can easily take it off or put it on. I tend to leave it on but with dirt/dust making its way to the inside back of the case, I occasionally take it off to clean it. It does come with a clear cover to slip on over the top of the phone if it is raining outside. I haven’t tested the effectiveness of it.

Mounting and dismounting the phone from the base is quite simple and easy to do with one hand. Riding over some harsh chip seal roads as well as some calichie dirt roads the base stays put and doesn’t slide around. Being mounted on the top tube has it’s advantages. I can easily see when a call or text messages comes in. I can also quickly pop it off to take a picture and then put it back. To me, it’s very convenient.

The Quadlock case is not just for bikes. They have accessories to facilitate the use of the mount in a variety ways. There is a car mount where you can use the suction cup to mount your phone on any flat surface. Don’t like the case but like the mount? No worries, they got you covered there too with an accessory to convert your favorite case. They even have little pods to mount to phone on a variety of surfaces like a wall or bookshelf. On my next road trip I’m gonna get the car mount.

Over all it’s a very flexible system that I like and fits my needs. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely! In fact, I’m going to recommend it to a friend of mine that would simplify attaching her phone to her bike. Go get one!

What you like about it or what peeves you about the equipment are welcome in the comments section. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know your experience with the Quadlock Case.

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