More Valley cyclists killed on the road

Our local news station reported that three cyclist were hit by a car trying to pass another vehicle. Two of the three were killed while the third clings to life at the hospital. You can read the news of it here.

This goes to show that the Valley is not immune to these types of events. Everyone that rides a bike needs to be aware of their surroundings at ALL times and not let your guard down. If you ride at night then being seen is essential, use your lights in front and in the back. They are a cheap, inexpensive way to make yourself visible to others.

I always ride with a mirror attached to my glasses and I feel uncomfortable if I start to ride without one. Sometimes when I ride at night I put on some reflector straps to my ankles in addition to the use of front and rear lights. While approaching an intersection I place my hands on the brakes and look at the drivers at the intersection. These are some of the things I do to mitigate the chances of getting into an accident, while I’m out riding my bike. Do I have lapses and forget to slowdown at intersections or forget to check the mirror, yes I do. But it is at those times that I remember that increased vigilance on my practices is called for. I wear my Road ID, but I hope I’m never get in a situation were it needs to be used.

Stay vigilant, stay safe, have fun riding.

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