Am I Slacking? and other ramblings

Today I was looking at my dailymile workouts and I’ve noticed that in the past few weeks my riding has suffered. Why? I do not know. Perhaps it was just a lazy spell that I was in or I just had many things to do after work. I know going to Houston cut three days out for riding, but on Sunday afternoon, I was looking at my buddy’s bike. I dusted to cob webs off and took it for a spin. Just then I realized I could have used his bike for some morning humid rides over there. Oh well, too little too late. Sometimes I’m too slow to pick up on things.

I joined up on some of the dailymile challenges that I think I can accomplish or at least move up in the ranking. It’ll be fun to do asI always like the competition that it provides. Even if others don’t think of it as a competition as long as I do then I’m fine with it. It’s also a good way to make new on-line friends.

As I do longer and longer rides I find my seat increasingly uncomfortable. After doing some reading, I may have to change the seat but I would like to verify that I have the correct width for my hip bones. So on Monday, I’m off to Bicycle World to sit my buns on the BG Saddle Fit System. Is it hype to sell Specialized Saddles? I don’t think so because you can use those measurements to get any seat you want. Anyways, I just want to make sure I got the right size for me.

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