Hello, I’m a Valley native-born and raised in Mission, Texas. I lived in the Dallas area for about 10 years. It was there that a friend of mine reintroduced me into the joys of cycling. I bought a Bianchi and she got the Canondale road bike. I later got me a used Trek 2100 and used that for the longest time. I rode in many of the bike rides in the North Texas area, including the Hotter’n Hell in Wichita Falls.

Fast forward to the present, I am working as a System Analyst at the University of Texas Pan American. I am older, heavier and have ailments associated with the weight, but I still have the love for cycling and retaken it up again. I have two bikes that I use. One of them is the Specialized Sirrus carbon frame bike that is converted for commuting and the other is the Specialized Roubaix that I use for exercise and longer rides.

I like to take routes that other cyclists tend to avoid for some reason. Most cyclists like to stay on the major thoroughfares, not me. I like the country roads, but will take the thoroughfares as needed to get somewhere. To me the country roads are safer and have a lot more to offer than the busy streets. Don’t get me wrong, I am comfortable riding in traffic commuting to my favorite eatery but for long rides, it’s the country roads for me.

This brings me to this blog. Searching for local blogs on cycling and not finding anything, I felt that there is a void to be filled. Not only do I want to share my journey to becoming fitter through cycling, I also want to create a comprehensive site for all cyclists here in the Rio Grande Valley.

I’m focusing this site on using your bike to explore the lower Rio Grande Valley. The Valley is a diverse place with something for everyone but you tend to pass the interesting things while in your car. The bike forces you to slow down and really look with your eyes. As a result, you will discover things you had no idea existed.

Check out the Routes page for places to go and see. I’ll be adding more as time progresses and I extend my rides further on out.

I welcome all comments and suggestions for the site and in general cycling tips. If there is something that you would like for me to write about, let me know. If I can get my hands on it, I’ll try it out and post a results on here. Also, if you like my blog, pass the word and link me 🙂

You can find me on:

  • Instagram at rgvcycling
  • Twitter @rgv_cycling
  • Facebook … coming soon

Happy Cycling!

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  1. Ray,

    Great job on this web site for people cycling in the Rio Grande Valley! Thanks for working on it and spreading the joy of cycling in the valley. CU – David

  2. Hi Ray,
    Just to let you know I went to the bike shop the other day and told them I wanted a “high angle stem”. The mechanic took one look at the handlebars and could immediately tell they needed re-postiioning based on what I told him, which was hand numbness and wanting a more up-right riding position. Then he looked at the seat and said it was too far back. So, after a few adjustments were made, I took it out for a spin and it was a whole new ride!! The bike is so much more comfortable now!! Havent taken it out for a long ride yet, but I dont expect to have any problems like before. The pressure is off my wrists and my whole riding position is so much more relaxed. Now I can really enjoy the bike!

    Good luck with your new Roubaix! It looks awesome!


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