January has traditionally been a slow month for me and cycling, Cold, wet weather doesn’t appeal to me. I usually end up riding only on the weekends where I can utilized the warmth of the sun to it its maximum.

I was hoping to get the Wahoo Fitness KICKR PowerTrainer to use indoors after work but as of yet it is still not available. Rumors are that it wont be available until March! By then why bother. Not much info about it other than it’s power based trainer and you have to take your rear wheel off and attach it. I was looking forward to crank out some good intervals while watching Battlestar Galatica on Netflix, but I finished the series and the trainer is not available, so blah. There went that idea.

The good thing about January is the days are starting to get longer. That means getting back to a schedule of riding regularly and trying to get rid of the winter flab that I put on and then some.

Time to ride!