Review: Seconds Pro 2.0.1


Horizontal View

Recently I started doing intervals on my gym bike when I wake up in the morning. The app that I use on my iPhone is Seconds Pro version 2.0.1. This little app does an excellent job at the timing of intervals. The count down timer are big easy to read, there is a three-second cue before switching to the next intensity level and you can program colors for each phase of the routine. For instance, I use red for high intensity and green for low intensity and blue for the cool down. Makes it easy to see at a glance where you are at.

The intervals are created through the use of wizards with four to choose from. The four wizards are the HIIT Timer, Circuit Training Timer, Round Timer or the Empty Timer. The wizard are designed to accommodate the needs of the user and that type of exercise. For my cycling needs, the HIIT Timer wizard works for me. If you are doing Circuit Training, then using that wizard will allow you to enter all the different exercises you are planing to do and the rest period between sets.

Instead of posting a ton of pictures on how to go through each wizard, the developer has videos that can be found at the Seconds App webpage. Check them out.

This App has many options to configure the way it performs, from audible cues, to music playback on intervals and rest periods to voice playback. These are nice as you can run the App while the iPhone is locked and listen for the audible cues to let you know where you are at in the routine. Great battery saver for long duration workouts.


Vertical View

I like the layout of the screen in both vertical and horizontal modes. You can easily see what set you are on, how much time is remaining for both the entire routine and that particular interval. Excellent! Priced at $2.99 that is a bargain that is not going to break the bank.

Some of the neat features that I like is the ability to skip forward or backwards through the routine. This is great for ad hoc adjustments such as doing an extra set. Another feature that I like is sharing routines with your friends. Create an interval that works for you and then share it with your exercise buddy for training. Nice! You can also set it to tap on the screen to start and stop the intervals instead of using an on-screen button. I didn’t know that until now. Orientation lock and vibration cues are also a great addition to the App. There is something for everyone and you can use as much as you want or need.

So, my daily morning routine is get out of bed, go to the bathroom then hit the trainer and do some intervals for 15 minutes before breakfast. Seconds Pro is an indispensable tool for me to use on my morning routine. I don’t think I’ll change to any other App for this function. It’s just right for me.

iBike Dash + Power on order

Not long ago I blogged on the new iBike Powerhouse unit and while the new product is great, I decided I needed the next model up, the iBike Dash + Power. The Powerhouse is geared to those that want to train with power readings, but do not want to go into all the jargon associated with it. They want a simple system that creates training plans, exercise with it and put it up when done. To me, I needed the info that the Dash unit provides plus the ability to export the ride data to my favorite site.

As a result, I canceled my order for the Powerhouse unit and placed an order for the iBike Dash unit instead. The unit was on back order and was told that it would be early March before the new models came in. I set my mind to hunker down and wait. Well, I just received an e-mail from Velocomp that the new units had arrived and they sent out mine. Sweet! Hopefully, it will arrive by Friday so I’ll have something to do for the weekend besides the Jalapeno 100 ride.

Anyone with this system? Can you give me some in-site as to what to expect?